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Dubai Reefs: The World’s Largest Marine Restoration Project

URB, a Net Zero developer of sustainable cities, is set to transform Dubai’s coastline into a thriving ecosystem. 

Dubai, known for its ambitious and futuristic projects, is set to embark on an extraordinary venture that will not only transform its coastline but also contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems on a massive scale. URB, a leading Net Zero developer of sustainable cities, has unveiled plans for Dubai Reefs, the world’s largest marine restoration project. Spanning over 200 square kilometers, this ambitious endeavor aims to create a green economy while providing a sustainable environment for marine life to flourish alongside innovative developments.

A Resilient Oasis for Marine Life:

Dubai Reefs will be a haven for marine biodiversity, with a staggering one billion corals and 100 million mangroves set to call it home. These impressive figures highlight the scale of URB’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the ocean’s delicate ecosystems.

Enriching Experiences and Unique Features:

In addition to its primary objective of marine restoration, Dubai Reefs promises an array of exciting amenities and experiences. Visitors can look forward to a floating eco-tourism hub that will provide a fascinating glimpse into the underwater world. Conservation facilities will facilitate research and education, while climate-friendly food production techniques and ocean regenerative farming will promote sustainable practices and biodiversity conservation.

Sustainability at the Core:

Dubai Reefs stands as a testament to the UAE’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. This groundbreaking project will be entirely fueled by green energy, showcasing the potential for large-scale developments to operate in harmony with the environment.

The Global Significance of Dubai Reefs:

URB’s CEO, Baharash Bagherian, emphasized the global importance of the project, highlighting the critical relationship between the health of our cities and the health of our oceans. Bagherian stated, “The ocean is the source of life, controlling everything. Given that everything on our planet is connected, a healthy ocean is a healthy city.” By undertaking this monumental initiative, Dubai aims to be a leader in transforming coastal cities and developing ocean-linked infrastructure that mitigates the impacts of climate change.