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The Fisker Ocean, Green SUV of the Year 2023

This all-electric SUV is designed to be the most sustainable SUV on Earth.

Fisker Inc. has won the prestigious ‘Green SUV of the Year 2023‘ award from the Green Car Journal for its all-electric Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean is an exemplary model with a class-leading range delivered by its zero-emission drivetrain, and it has various sustainability features, such as the solar panel on the roof and the use of recycled materials in the vehicle.

The Fisker Ocean’s design is aimed to be the most sustainable SUV on Earth, featuring a beautifully crafted interior with ethically sourced, upcycled materials throughout. The eco-friendly cabin showcases high-grade upholstery, carpets, and interior details made from recycled plastics.

From recycled t-shirts used in the seats and fishing nets in the carpets to crushed carbon fiber in the aerodynamic wheel covers, more than 50kg of recycled material goes into every Ocean. This use of recycled materials underlines Fisker’s long-term commitment to producing a 100% carbon-neutral car by 2027.

The Fisker Ocean is available in three trim levels: Extreme, Ultra, and Sport, with the top trim Fisker Ocean Extreme traveling 350 miles on a single charge.
The vehicle’s European production already started at a carbon-neutral factory in Graz, Austria. 

Fisker’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry is a welcome addition to the market, and the Fisker Ocean’s sustainable features make it a worthy recipient of the ‘Green SUV of the Year 2023’ award.