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  • Dubai Reefs: The World’s Largest Marine Restoration Project

    URB, a Net Zero developer of sustainable cities, is set to transform Dubai’s coastline into a thriving ecosystem.  Dubai, known for its ambitious and futuristic projects, is set to embark on an extraordinary venture that will not only transform its coastline but also contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems on a massive scale. URB, […]

  • Good-Edi: The Delicious Solution to Disposable Cup Waste

    Imagine a world without overflowing trash cans of disposable cups. That’s the vision behind Good-Edi, an edible, biodegradable, and plastic-free to-go cup. We’ve all seen the overflowing trash cans filled with disposable drink cups outside cafes and fast-food joints. It’s a disheartening sight that reminds us of the enormous waste generated by our on-the-go culture. […]

  • Carbon Academy: eBay UK launches climate training scheme for SMEs

    eBay UK has taken a significant step towards sustainability by introducing the Carbon Academy, a training program designed to help small businesses understand and reduce their carbon footprint.  eBay UK has taken a significant step towards sustainability by introducing the Carbon Academy, a training program designed to help small businesses understand and reduce their carbon […]

  • Top 5 Smart Cities Leading the Way in Sustainability

    As cities grow, smart city initiatives are becoming increasingly important for sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Smart city initiatives are being adopted by cities around the world, in order to make urban areas more sustainable and energy-efficient. These initiatives, which often incorporate smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), not only improve the quality […]

  • Sweden to Build Permanent Electric Road for Charging EVs on the Go

    Sweden is set to be the first country in the world to have a permanent electrified road. This follows the successful pilot project of the world’s first temporary electric road.  Located in the middle of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo, the European route E20 will be turned into a 500km permanent electrified road, allowing vehicles to […]

  • Driving Change: F1’s Bold Plan to Become Carbon Neutral by 2030

    Formula 1 produces approximately 256,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, but in 2019 they made a significant commitment to sustainability, with the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral sport by 2030.  In recent years, the Formula 1 organization has recognized the importance of reducing its carbon footprint, setting ambitious targets to promote sustainability both within the […]

  • Panasonic is committed to sustainability with a new circular economy model

    The tech company has launched a new sustainability program called TOUGHBOOK Revive. Panasonic has launched a new sustainability program called TOUGHBOOK Revive, which aims to extend the lifespan of its products and reduce the impact of production and consumption. The program is part of Panasonic’s corporate “GREEN IMPACT” strategy, which prioritizes sustainability within the technology […]

  • Could this CO2-Eating Microbe revolutionize Carbon Capture?

    Scientists have discovered a microbe that eats CO2 at an astonishing rate. New research has shown that a microbe discovered in volcanic hot springs has a remarkable ability to consume carbon dioxide (CO2) quickly.  Scientists believe this discovery could lead to an efficient method of removing this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.  As the world […]

  • The Fisker Ocean, Green SUV of the Year 2023

    This all-electric SUV is designed to be the most sustainable SUV on Earth. Fisker Inc. has won the prestigious ‘Green SUV of the Year 2023‘ award from the Green Car Journal for its all-electric Fisker Ocean. The Fisker Ocean is an exemplary model with a class-leading range delivered by its zero-emission drivetrain, and it has […]

  • Power-generating railway tracks are coming down the line

    This Swiss company is installing solar panels on railway tracks in a unique way.  Swiss start-up Sun-Ways is set to install solar panels on railway tracks, offering a world-first solution that could help accelerate Europe’s energy transition. The innovative technology is removable, making it possible to clear the tracks for maintenance work. While other developers […]