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  • Top 5 Smart Cities Leading the Way in Sustainability

    As cities grow, smart city initiatives are becoming increasingly important for sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Smart city initiatives are being adopted by cities around the world, in order to make urban areas more sustainable and energy-efficient. These initiatives, which often incorporate smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), not only improve the quality […]

  • Could this CO2-Eating Microbe revolutionize Carbon Capture?

    Scientists have discovered a microbe that eats CO2 at an astonishing rate. New research has shown that a microbe discovered in volcanic hot springs has a remarkable ability to consume carbon dioxide (CO2) quickly.  Scientists believe this discovery could lead to an efficient method of removing this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.  As the world […]

  • Power-generating railway tracks are coming down the line

    This Swiss company is installing solar panels on railway tracks in a unique way.  Swiss start-up Sun-Ways is set to install solar panels on railway tracks, offering a world-first solution that could help accelerate Europe’s energy transition. The innovative technology is removable, making it possible to clear the tracks for maintenance work. While other developers […]

  • WaterLight: a revolutionary lantern that converts salt water into electricity

    Their wireless lantern called WaterLight produces electrical energy from a renewable natural resource such as saltwater.  The demand for global energy is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades but billions of people still lack access to electricity. However, a Colombian renewable energy startup, E-Dina, may have presented a solution that can improve the […]

  • Green Energy for All: Co-Own a Wind Turbine or Solar Park

    Want to go green with your energy consumption, but can’t afford the cost of solar panels? You can co-own a wind turbine or solar park. Want to go green with your energy consumption, but can’t afford the cost of solar panels? Don’t worry, there’s another way to get involved in the renewable energy revolution – […]

  • The floating solar panels that track the Sun

    Floating solar is a new renewable energy option, and it has huge potential globally.  As countries around the world try to find space for large solar arrays, they are turning to floating systems. However, the Netherlands is now taking this one step further with water-based arrays that follow the sun. In a lake in the […]

  • Pantelleria Island Gets Electricity from the Sea

    This device can produce up to 260kW of peak electricity from wave motion, providing clean energy to offshore infrastructure, remote islands, and coastal communities.  The world’s first Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter (ISWEC) device has been successfully installed and connected to the electricity grid on Pantelleria Island, located about 800 meters off the coast. Developed […]

  • This startup is reforesting Canada with seed-planting drones

    Using modified commercial drones, Flash Forest shoots “seed pods” onto fire-damaged land. In 2003, brothers Cameron and Bryce Jones watched as the Okanagan Mountain Park fire ravaged their home city of Kelowna, British Columbia. The fire destroyed large swaths of forest, leaving behind charred landscapes devoid of living trees. The destruction of their childhood playground […]

  • These 3D-printed batteries could be the future of clean energy

    A Silicon Valley startup may have just revolutionized the battery industry forever.  Sakuu systems have figured out how to use 3D printers to create solid-state batteries with a reduction in materials usage of up to 40%.  This is achieved through the use of powder loaded into 3D printers, allowing for precise manufacturing and customized shapes […]

  • Living Buildings on a Living Earth: The Vision of Jason McLennan

    Imagine a building that’s like a living organism, rooted in its environment and self-sufficient. When you think of buildings, what comes to mind? Concrete, steel, glass, and a lot of energy consumption, perhaps? But what if buildings could be like flowers, rooted in their environment, self-sufficient, and beautiful? This is the vision of Jason McLennan, […]