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  • Dubai opens the world’s largest solar-powered data center

    Dubai has just unveiled the world’s largest solar-powered data center, and it’s an exciting step towards a more sustainable future.  Dubai’s new solar-powered data center, developed by Moro Hub, has a capacity of over 100MW and is spread over 16,000 square meters. This data center is recognized as the biggest solar-powered data center by Guinness […]

  • A smart solution to plastic pollution: The Great Bubble Barrier

    Are you tired of seeing plastic waste littering our oceans and waterways? Well, a Dutch startup may have just found a solution that is as innovative as it is low-tech: bubble barriers. The Great Bubble Barrier, created by a team of ocean lovers in the Netherlands, uses a simple system of bubbles to collect plastic […]

  • Switzerland’s Solar Dam: A Game-Changer for Green Energy

    Switzerland, known for its stunning mountain landscapes, has come up with an innovative solution to maximize its green energy production during the winter months. A snaking wall of solar panels has been attached to Switzerland’s longest dam, the Lake Muttsee dam, in the central Swiss canton of Glarus, which is over 2,400 meters above sea […]

  • Tesco & Olio Team Up to Fight Food Waste and Reduce Emissions

    In a world where food insecurity and climate change remain significant issues, Tesco and Olio’s pioneering partnership to tackle food waste is a much-needed success story.  The partnership has led to the rescue of over 30 million meals through the help of Olio’s network of 80,000 volunteers, who collect unsold surplus food from Tesco stores […]

  • C16 Biosciences Launches Sustainable Alternative to Palm Oil: Palmless

    C16 Biosciences has successfully completed an industrial-scale fermentation of its biomanufactured alternative to palm oil, called Palmless. C16 Biosciences, a synthetic biology company based in New York City, has made a breakthrough in its quest to find a sustainable alternative to palm oil, the most popular vegetable oil in the world. The company has developed […]

  • An underwater bike garage that is next-level cycling infrastructure

    Amsterdam’s latest project, a massive underwater bicycle parking garage at Centraal Station, has everything to do with promoting sustainable transportation. With the capacity to hold 7,000 bicycles, the new Amsterdam underwater bicycle parking garage is part of the city’s plan to reduce its carbon footprint and prioritize the needs of its citizens over cars. In […]

  • Introducing Plantd: The Startup Making Building Materials Out of Grass

    Wood has been a staple building material for centuries, but with increasing demand for construction comes a huge toll on natural resources.  Every year, the amount of wood used for lumber could circle the Earth’s equator 880 times if stacked, leading to mass deforestation and harm to the environment and indigenous species.  But what if […]

  • Microalgae: a tiny solution to big environmental problems

    Researchers in Europe may have found microscopic organisms, which are invisible to the human eye, that could help fight plastic waste and support greener agriculture. Microalgae, tiny single-cell organisms that are found in seawater, are becoming increasingly popular among European researchers as a potential solution to some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems.  These […]

  • 2021 was a record year for investment in alternative proteins

    Investor appetite for alternative proteins continues to grow amid a period marked by health and environmental crises, signaling sustained interest in planet-friendly alternatives As the world continues to grapple with health and environmental crises, the growing interest in alternative proteins is a clear indication of a sustained desire for planet-friendly investments that go beyond the […]

  • Climate change tops WEF Global Risks Report 2023

    After the cost of living crisis, ‘natural disasters and extreme weather’ is considered to be the most severe risk facing the world in the next two years. Taking a 10-year view, six of the top 10 most severe risks relate directly to climate change. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Risks Report 2023, […]